Learn from Professional Music Professor(s)

Private Lessons

We will teach you how to play, sight read, music theory and perform before a live audience.
To provide a unique learning experience to students of all ages.  Our goal is to develop instrumental skills and enhance personal creativity.
Music  theory
Focuses on the fundamentals of theory and musicianship in written discipline, rhythm, major and minor scales, key signatures, intervals and sight-readings.
  1. Studio Lessons
    Studio lessons are the most beneficial for developing instrumental skills. This provides personalized instruction for all ages. Musical goals are determined by the students' particular needs. Students most own or have access to an instrument for practice.
  2. Gospel
    Much like , Jazz, R & B, Classical, and Gospel music have become very popular. This course will focus on the development of technique and style used to perform Spirituals, Hymns, and Contemporary styles of the Gospel music. The students must show ability to improvise.
  3. Instruments and Materials
    Students are expected to bring pen and paper to class for note taking. Use of a tape recorder is encouraged. Students must own or have access to an instrument for practice.

Behavior Standards

Here at the C-Note Conservatory of Music
Students Absesnces/ Tardies
Instructors are not required to reschedule classes due to student absences/tardy. Classes that are rescheduled are done at the sole discretion of the instructor.If the student is 15 minutes late or more the class fee is still due and payable at that time. Students paying monthly will forfiet their fee if they are tardy.
Excessive Absenteeism/Tardiness will not be tolerated

In order to ensure a productive musical education for all students, "C Note" Conservatory of Music reserves the right to deny enrollment, or expel any student whose behavior, attitude or level of development is not consistent at the sole discretion of the Director/ Instructor.